How IV Therapy Saved My Business
I wish I knew this ONE THING when I started my medical practice…

Look, nothing could have prepared me for the challenges that I’d encounter along my path to being a physician and entrepreneur. But nothing could have stopped me either.

I think back to life before my business and realize the pure luxury of many things I often took for granted. I remember the mornings where I used to take my time getting my kids and myself ready for the day. Then I would just show up to work with the expectation that my day would be full of patients needing my care.

I would do my job, no matter how busy or full, until it was complete, and then happily leave work without thinking too much about how my patients came to be on my schedule, or even how much revenue I was generating for the practice. I ultimately discovered that my boss didn’t exactly understand good business, and that really started to drive me crazy. It became obvious to me that we could be making more money, but I was still an employee at the time and felt helpless in convincing my boss to make the practice more successful.

That’s when I started to get the itch. I wanted more. I could feel it and it became increasingly harder to ignore. I wanted to lead a team and run a business better than my boss, and just had to prove to myself that I could do it. So, in spring of 2019 I decided to listen to my gut and open my own medical practice!

And I didn’t go small. The practice had the latest technologies, ultrasound machines, EMR system, all wrapped up in a beautiful, new building. Our patients know that their doctor is always bringing them the top innovative treatments to help them feel great, access their peak performance and live the healthy life they desire. And I am SO grateful for that!

But suddenly the luxury of my relaxed mornings and fully booked calendar was gone in an instant. I found myself trying to navigate a world I didn’t even know existed and answer questions I never had to ask before. How do I get patients in the door? How do I get the word out in the world that I am the greatest new medical practice in town? Why aren’t there lines of people outside my office on a daily basis just scrambling over each other to get my care?

To say it was a challenge or a struggle would be an understatement. It would prove to be the most difficult thing I have ever done to date. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to become proficient in bookkeeping, marketing, answering phones, designing a website, networking (and being a doctor) all at once.

I found myself starting to ask the same questions day after day, without any workable solutions in sight. I wondered, ‘Where do I find patients that need my services? How can I legitimately feed my family and pay my rent while doing everything else the practice needs to get up and running? Is it even possible to cover my excessive overhead with just office visits?’ These very serious realizations hit like ton of bricks that I never saw coming. But I was in too deep now, and had to find an answer to these pressing problems.

Fortunately, I was trained and well-practiced in IV vitamin therapy from many years of delivering this treatment at my old practice. I had the idea to add this to my new practice, since I knew how easy the set up process was and knew it had potential to bring in significant passive income, just like the “IV bars” that I was seeing open up like wildfire across the country. I trained my nurse on the procedures, and we were set and ready to go with our IV treatments.

And then COVID hit.  WHAT??  A pandemic???

How are we going to survive if patients can’t come in the door? As it turns out, being a doctor is essential, and having IV therapies available during times of COVID was the very thing that ultimately kept my business open throughout the uncertainty of 2020. 

IV vitamins continue to be our greatest revenue source, year after year.

Here’s how we did it… We advertised that vitamin C helps boost the immune system and decreases the severity and length of cold and flu symptoms. And then the patients came in. My IV room filled to capacity overnight, while my office space still did not. 

My nurse was booked full doing IVs, while I saw additional patients. This small change started to add “passive” income to our bottom line, and quickly became the #1 revenue generator for our practice! 

Patients get to feel good, their pain decreases, their energy gets boosted, they are happy. 

For years now, I continually get asked to do IV therapies all over the country: for other practices, at events like weddings and races, etc. People ask me about other “IV bars” that are opening up nearby. Patients inquire why those places are more expensive and often comment that they didn’t notice any “effect” after going elsewhere. This pained me to hear!

So I looked into it and turns out, these IV bars generally are not putting therapeutic doses of ANY vitamins in their products. They often don’t even hire people who understand the risk associated with putting IVs into someone’s body. It makes me cringe to watch “poor medicine” being practiced, with no consequence, and often without the patient having a clue of what’s really going on.

And then I thought; why not help other docs do what I’m doing? I can help them easily add profit to their business, and I get to sleep easy at night knowing the job is going into the right hands.

I could feel the itch coming back again. The itch to help out and do what’s right. It was SO clear to me how this could easily be a win-win situation for the docs AND the patients. That’s when I decided to create the very thing I wish I had when I learned about IV therapies: a course that I could do on my own time, that taught me the basics of IV therapies and EXACTLY how to add it to my practice. I wish I hadn't spent many weekends and thousands of dollars on courses that only gave me part of the information I needed to get up and running.

And thus, my IV Therapy Course came to be. I created a course that teaches other docs how to easily increase their cash flow, without high overhead, and practice good medicine, all within the realm of their existing medical practice. The course is seriously affordable, completed at your own leisure, and honestly very effective (I know from watching the success of my own practice)! 

The step-by-step breakdowns include every detail you need to know. Also, it helps docs take back medicine and helps patients get the actual medical treatments they need and are paying for.

If you want to learn a simple way to add cash to your practice via IV therapies, then this course is the only resource you need. In just 3 hours you will learn the basics of IV therapy treatment, how to set up an IV branch of your office, all of the supplies you need, and even where to purchase the supplies. This course is packed with everything you need to be successful. It’s what I would have wanted (to save a TON of time, money and energy), and what I KNOW can help drive your business. And bonus, I'm just a phone call away if you have questions.

First Module 100% Free
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  • ​Why add IV Vitamin Therapy? 
  • How Does IV Therapy Benefit Patients? 
  • ​What Are Potential Complications? 
  • Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals 
  • ​Legal Requirements?
  • ​Cost of Setup and Supplies
  • ​Where to Buy Supplies
  • ​Average Revenue Possible
  • ​How to Calculate Osmolarity
  • ​All of This and More!
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